December 9th, 8pm UK time - West Coast of Spain Cruise

We will meet at the appointed hour of 8 Pm London time at LEXJ in Spain. Please bring a chopper or light aircraft of your choice being thoughtful to provide a link to anything not in the FGUK Hangar so we can see you. Your choice should be able to sustain flight at 120 - 130 KIAS. This is a pleasure and sight seeing cruise and your experience will be greatly enhanced if you download and install this Spanish scenery - it is huge and time consuming but affords some of the best scenery I have seen for this area of the world!


From LEXJ we will proceed to LEBB and then on to LESO up the coast for a fuel and refreshment break before proceeding to LECI and then finally landing for the evening at LEHC. As always, Comms will be on TeamSpeak. Please be prompt so we can leave on time and see all the airports and cool stuff.

Hope to see as many pilots as possible!



Main event thread for updates:-


All voice coms will be using TS3:-

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