Remember, Remember the 4th of November because this flight night will scar your mind forever.

4th Nov, 8pm UK time ( UK is no longer in Daylight Savings time ).

The Lake Geneva Auto Giro Tour ( Yes you read that correctly, I said AUTO GYRO ).



The Aircraft of choice ( the ONLY choice ) is the JT 58 Autogyro available here:-


What a lovely beast it is.



You have until Flight night to learn how to fly it. Learning how to land it may also be useful.

We will be Starting at SION airport LSGS, following the valley until we reach Lake Geneva and then taking a Right turn following the shore until we reach Lausanne LSGL, where we will be stopping for our rest.
The Journey continues round Lake Geneva in a counter clockwise direction, passing over Geneva LSGG, and returning to LSGL.

Good luck to all....................


Main event thread for updates:-


All voice coms will be using  TS3:-

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