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HMS Ark Royal ( R07 ) HMS Ark Royal ( R07 ) HOT

HMS Ark Royal was a light aircraft carrier and former flagship of the Royal Navy. She was the third and final vessel of Invincible-class. She was built by Swan Hunter on the River Tyne and launched by them in 1981.
Affectionately known as The Mighty Ark, she is the fifth Royal Navy ship to have borne the name of the 1587 flagship that defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588. Originally intended to be named Indomitable to match the rest of the class, this was changed due to the public reaction to the loss of the Ark Royal name after the scrapping of the previous Ark Royal in 1980, after 30 years' service.
Originally due to be retired in 2016, Ark Royal was instead decommissioned on Friday 11 March 2011, as part of the Navy restructuring portion of the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review. After Ark Royal's decommissioning HMS Albion replaced her as the Royal Navy flagship.


The fourth ship in a series of enhanced AI Ships with a Weather responsive Roll/Pitch/Heave motion which is calibrated to the size of the vessel. Challenging rough sea landing can be simulated.

This ship is suitable for  Hariier, F35 and Helicopters.


How to install:-

Unzip the package, you will find  2 folders:-

AI  and Models.

Merge the AI folder with your FlightGear install/data/AI folder.

Merge the models folder with your FlightGear install/data/Models  folder.

Run FG and you should have a scenario available called HMS_Ark_Royal-R07_Demo. This is the ship.

The Default start position  for the ship is South West of EGOD. The ship will automatically respond to the current weather or any changes in the weather.


How to change its start position:-

In your  Data/AI folder, edit the  file HMS_Ark_Royal-R07_Demo.xml with a text editor.

Edit fhe following section:-





Save the file and it will start at the new location.



No ship lighting yet.

We need a way of securing the Helicopter to the deck yet.


LicenseGNU/GPL external
Created byStuartC
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