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Type 45 Destroyer Type 45 Destroyer HOT

The Type 45 Destroyer is in current use by the Royal Navy.

The second ship in a series of enhanced AI Ships with a Weather responsive  Roll/Pitch/Heave motion which is calibrated to the size of the vessel. You can also spawn on the Heli pad.  Challenging rough sea landing can be simulated. 

Demo video:-




How to install:-

Unzip the package, you will find  2 folders:-

AI  and Models.

Merge the AI folder with your FlightGear install/data/AI folder.

Merge the models folder with your FlightGear install/data/Models  folder.

Run FG and you should have a scenario available called Type-45_Demo. This is the  ship.

The Default start position  for the ship is South West of EGOD. The ship will automatically respond to the current weather or any changes in the weather.


How to change its start position:-

In your  Data/AI folder, edit the  file  Type45_demo.xml with a text editor.

Edit fhe following section:-





Save the file and it will start at the new location.


How to start on the ship:-

The AI Scenario must be set to run at the start.

You need to specify an Aircraft Carrier in your launcher + Parking position:-

Carrier:- D37

Parking:- Heli1

Start FG from an airfield within 100 miles of the ship and your start position should be the Heli pad.



No ship lighting yet.

We need a way of securing the Helicopter to the deck yet.


Size19.19 MB
LicenseCC-BY-NC-SA v4 external
Author3D Model by Alexdark, Timi, StuartC, Algernon,
Created byStuartC
Changed byStuartC


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