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Almost exactly a year since we did the original Challenge.

7th July, 8pm UK time.
Grab your choppers for a little point landing chopper fun.


We will be starting at EGHE on the Isles of Scilly.
We will be flying due West to Bishops Rock Lighthouse, which has a nice little Helipad on top.
For Navigational purposes, the Helipad is EGBR, but DO NOT spawn on it, as it places you inside the lighthouse and you cant get out.


To  give us a bit more space and variety of landing positions, HMS Ark Royal and HMS Iron Duke will be at anchor just off the Lighthouse. You will  need to download   both ships ( both ships are enhanced and weather responsive ):-

Bishops Rock AI Scenario:-

Helicopters from the FGUK Hangers only.

All voice coms will be over TS3:-


Main event thread for any updates:-



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