FlightNight March 17th - Caucasus Mountains and Turkey Flight

8pm UK time ( The UK is NOT in Daylight savings time yet  !!! )



Please assemble at the appointed hour of 8pm London time at ICAO code: UBBB - Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Azerbaijan. Please bring a fast jet (Fighter jet) capable of 420KIAS@24050'. This is roughly Mach .97 depending an variables. Your aircraft should be able to sustain such parameters for at least 1 hour before refuel.

We'll be departing to ICAO code: URSS - Sochi where we will refuel and refresh after a trip down the Caucasus Mountains heading Westish.


After refueling we will head to ICAO Code: LTAG - Incirlik Air Base in Turkey for our final destination. Please link to any aircraft not in the FGUK Hanagr so we don't see Blue Gliders. Comms will be on TeamSpeak as always -



Be there or be square. Aircraft pictured is the daVinci_Mig-31Foxhound which is not released - I'll likely be flying an F-18 or FGR2. Photos are for illustration/promotion purposes only. Actual aircraft may or may not approximate this level of performance. :pinch: :woohoo: :woohoo: :lol:


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