We'll meet at 8PM London time at ICAO: KSPB - Scappoose Industrial Airpark . Bring the 'Chopper of your choice being careful to select one that can maintain 130 KIAS at up to 14,000. If it's not in the FGUK Hangar please provide a link so that our cameraman and fellow pilots don't see Blue and Yellow Gliders. Please.

First stop at a heading of roughly 45 degrees is Mt. St. Helens. Yup, it's a volcano. From there we will proceed Easterly to visit Mt. Adams where we will land and roast hot dogs, refuel/refresh, and then continue on to the Grand Daddy of them all - Mt. Rainier! After cavorting and sight seeing we will return to our start point at KSPB or if short on time we'll divert to another airport most likely KSEA.

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