The Westland Scout was a light helicopter developed by Westland Helicopters. Developed from the Saro P.531, it served as a land-based general purpose military helicopter, sharing a common ancestor and numerous components with the naval-orientated Westland Wasp helicopter. The type's primary operator was the Army Air Corps of the British Army, who operated it in several conflict zones including Northern Ireland and the Falklands War. It was progressively replaced in British service by the Westland Gazelle in the reconnaissance role, and the larger Westland Lynx as a battlefield utility helicopter.




This is a BETA Release as we do not have enough  data to complete the systems any further at this time.


Dedicated  FDM

Rembrandt ready

FGUK Advanced lighting system ( All lights are default to OFF ).

Anti Tank Payload option.

All doors a click to open.

Doors are removable.

Multiplayer passenger option.

4 liveries included.

ALS Glass effect.


Download it here:-

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