Flightnight November 25th, 8pm UK time - Bridge Madness Challenge!


This Saturday, there will be a multi-aircraft challenge. Starting at Edinburgh Airport (EGPH)...

Challenge 1: Heli bridge landing

Target: South end of the Forth Rail Bridge.

Points up for grabs - 3 for 1st one down, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd. Bonus point for being the one nearest the dangly end.

Aircraft: Any rotorcraft in the FGUK Hangar. Please post your choice.

Hopefully, this will give a screenie of "birds on a wire"! Conclusion will be a short flight back to EGPH to respond nan aircraft for Challenge 2. For Challenge 2 we will fly in formation to the City of London to the Thames river near EGLL (Heathrow Airport) and follow the river eastwards.

Challenge 2: Inverted Tower Bridge under flight

Target: Tower Bridge


Points up for grabs - 3 points for flying INVERTED under lower actual bridge, 1 point for being under top support span, 0 points for crashing / drowning. 0 points for not being inverted.

Aircraft: BAe Hawk ONLY

After Challenge 2 we'll regroup (or respawn) and make for Doncaster-Sheffield / ex-RAF Finningley (EGCN) in formation to pick up another rotorcraft there for the final Challenge 3!

Challenge 3: Humber Bridge underfly

Target: Humber Bridge

Points up for grabs - 1 point for making it without crashing, bonus point for the first to do it!

Aircraft: Gazelle ONLY

After all this hilarity we'll regroup and fly to our final destination, Brough (EGNB) to conclude the fun and see who's the winner. But we'll all be winners here.... :lol:


Main event Thread:-



All voice  coms will be using TS3:-




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