FlightNight 11/11/17 Operation Alaska. 8pm UK time



Helicopters and Fixed-wing spotter aircraft
Speed 120kts Low Level


Start Location - PANC - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Waypoint - PATO - Portage Glacier Airport

Operations and End Location - PAVD - Valdez Airport


Mission First Leg
Meet up at runway 25L by the heli pads
We will fly from PACN Anchorage to PAVD Valdez Airport.
This will be about 500AGL to 4000ft, 120kts.
There is a waypoint on the way PATO.

Mission Second Leg
We will have to transport personnel to 2 locations marked with RED smoke from PAVD.
The spotter aircraft will need to locate the RED smoke and guide the helicopters to them.
I will give some hints to help start, but it is down to the spotters to find the locations ;)

First part of the flight plan


AI pack https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RDi_5q0dw4_SMlmRSTOa1G81y0KsaUQo


You will need these 3 ships

Please do post here what aircraft you with to bring, preferably from the FGUK hanger :)

All Coms on Team Speak http://www.fguk.eu/index.php/forum/radio-comms/20-team-speak3-server-details

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