FlightNight October 28th, 8pm UK time - Volcan Sangay!


We'll meet at 8PM UK time at ICAO: SERB - Chimborazo airport in Ecuador. Please bring a helicopter that is high altitude capable and can maintain a speed of at least 100 knots at 17000'.  ( if its not  a chopper from FGUK, then please  post us a link in plenty of time. ) For scenery, please capture via Terrasync or download scenery via your favorite source of all scenery between and including airports:

SERB/Chimborazo, SEAM/Chochoan, SECM/Hacienda Clemetina, SEMC/Coronel Carvajal, and SESM/Rio Amazonas

Within this area there are a number of volcano's, active and no longer active, that we will be observing and flirting with, landing on, and exploring. Any potential landing places are above 15000' and in the case of Chimborazo at nearly 20,000'

This trip will be challenging so please bring a chopper that you feel confident with and have flight tested. Comms will be on TeamSpeak as always:-



and I hope to see as many pilots as possible.

The scenery and topography in this part of the world is spectacular so we'll probably be flying Border of a High Pressure area weather to get the best view.



Main event thread for updates:-


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