FlightNight Oct. 21st, 8pm UK time - Spanish Coast Fast Jet Tour


We'll be starting at Barcelona/LEBL and flying to Portugal the hard way - around the Eastern and Southern Coast of Spain. Please bring a fast jet of your choice that can cruise up to 17000' and maintain a speed of 450 KIAS. Most of the trip will be at 3000 - 5000 feet and 400 KIAS. Meet at 8PM UK time at LEBL and please provide a link to any aircraft not in the FGUK Hangar.

All comms on TeamSpeak as usual.




Way points include: LEBL, LERS, LECS, LECN, LEVC, LEMU, LEAL, LELC, LEAM where we will break for fuel and refreshment before continuing on to LEMG, LXGB, and finally LPPT/Lisboa Portugal.

Thanks in Advance and I hope to see as many pilots as possible!



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