FlightNight Sept. 30th, 8pm UK time - Italian and Austrian Mountain Cruise

We'll meet at LIDT/Mattarello at 8pm UK time - please bring the helicopter of your choice that can maintain 110 KIAS to 130KIAS at altitudes up to 10K feet. Pick an aircraft that is faster and nimbler - don't pick something with mediocre performance as this trip will be beautiful but fast and challenging.

From LIDT we will proceed at low level thru the valleys (mostly) LIPB/Bolzano and then onto LOWI/Innsbruch, Austria where we will land and break for fuel and refreshment. We'll leave Innsbruch and head directly toLOWS/Salsburg, then on to LOLW/Wels, and then finally finish our flight at LOWL/Linz.

We have little time to waste if we are going to get to all points so please be ready to *RoCk!* as close to 8pm as you can. I'll be flying the Hughes 500 in daVinci Livery and, as always, if you bring something not in the FGUK Hangar please link your choice well in advance of this Saturdays flight so we don't see/video blue gliders!


All voice coms will be using TS3:-


Main event thread for updated:-



Hope to see you all there!


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