FlightNight September 16, 8pm UK time,  - Exploring Barcelona and Beyond

This chopper adventure will involve exploring detailed airports and other scenery in the vicinity of Barcelona, Spain. Bring your choice of Chopper from the FGUK Hangar - other helicopters will, certainly be entertained if we can get a link to the aircraft in time to get it downloaded and installed well before flight time.

We'll meet at LEBL/Barcelona at 8 PM London Time. Be prepared to cruise at roughly 110 - 120 KIAS at altitudes up to 2000'. We'll be flying up the coast to LEGE (Girona) and then turning back on ourselves and going to LELL (Sabadell) where we will break for fuel and refreshment. From there we'll fly past some significant terrain and dawdle for a bit near some large hills....we aren't in a hurry on this trip and we'll spend some time checking out cool stuff in detail on our trip to LEIG (Iguadala) which we will over fly but stop at a medieval fort on our way back to Barcelona. Extra points and Kudos for landing on one of the flat topped towers of the Fort.

All voice coms will be using  TS3:-


Main event thread for updates:-



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